Provision of Education Resources and Play Equipment

Early Childhood Development for children between the ages of 0 and 6 years is critical in determining the success of the child’s academic foundations. It is with this belief that Matla A Bokone Solar will prioritise ECD Centres requiring educational resources and play equipment, both of which are vital for development.


Minor repairs at ECD Centres

As part of this programme, Matla A Bokone Solar will assess the condition of ECD Centres in the Sol Plaatje Local Municipality and appoint local service providers to conduct the repairs and/or maintenance as general maintenance of the ECD facilities is often neglected due to lack of funds.

ECD Centres are largely dependent on the Government subsidy and school fees to sustain its operations, which are often not reliable. This places an additional burden on the ECD Centres as their core focus is on the child.



A Life Skills Programme (“LSP”) that supports young people in the development of skills to deal with the pressures of adolescence is being implemented. The programme is intended to instill life skills needed to navigate the journey to adulthood. We believe that negative behavior displayed during adolescence, if left unaddressed, often manifests in substance abuse and gender-based violence. The intervention will be focused on the non-academic development of youth within the beneficiary communities.



Access to tertiary studies is a high priority within the beneficiary communities. During the first year of operations, three full tertiary scholarships will be made available to qualifying learners to attend Universities. The Scholarship Programme will be implemented in accordance with the Management Services Company Policy on Scholarships in association with Study Trust.

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