August 2021.

Matla A Bokone Solar’s School Health Programme kicked-off during November last year, with the aim to deliver health care to over 4 000 learners, via a fully equipped mobile clinic that visits and services eleven schools, within the Sol Plaatje Local Municipality. The solar project has more recently announced that the initial targets have been considerably exceeded and that a School Health Programme’s HPV and TD vaccination drive has been successfully completed.

Working in partnership with the Northern Cape’s Department of Health, the Mobile Clinic has successfully administered the HPV and TD Vaccinations, across 10 Primary Schools, 1 Special School and an Orphanage Home from within the beneficiary communities, targeting Grade 4 and Grade 5 learners.

“An HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) Vaccine is recommended for all pre-teens between the ages of 11-12, so that they are protected from HPV infections that can cause cancer later in life. Equally so, a TD Vaccine protects children against potentially life-threatening bacterial diseases. It is therefore pivotal that we ensure that our children from our beneficiary communities receive these vaccines in an effort to promote and safeguard their health and future against diseases,” said Nomzamo Landingwe, Chief Community Operations Officer, who also confirmed that this Vaccination Drive formed part of the Department of Education and Health’s Integrated School Health Policy.

Over 400 learners have received HPV Vaccinations; and 457 the TD Vaccinations, bringing the total number of vaccinated learners to 864.

Matla A Bokone Solar’s Phase 2 of its School Health Programme, known as Integrated School Health, has also been declared a success. This phase of the programme comprised health services, which included Vision Testing, Oral Health Screening, Nutritional Status assessments, Primary Health Screenings and Health Education Initiatives. All of these were conducted on our fully equipped mobile clinic.

Over 700 beneficiaries, including both teachers and learners were consulted and the following provided: 2 816 services; 237 referrals to the Department of Health; and 28 reading glasses. This programme also exceeded its initial beneficiary target by 21%.

“We believe that access to quality healthcare for school children is very important, as it also contributes towards their development, increases their knowledge and awareness on health issues, helps them in developing interest in their own health and contributes to their general wellbeing, especially in the light of the added burden that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on our communities,” added Landingwe.

The mobile school health clinic eases the burden on the Department of Education, and benefits the following schools: Isago Primary School; Zingiza Intermediate School; West End Primary School; Boitshoko Primary School; Olympic Primary School; Monsthiwa Primary School; Diamant Veldt Primary School; Sol Plaatje Primary School; Kim Kgolo Primary School; Beacon Primary School; Retlameleng Special School; and Mimosa Orphanage Home.


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