February 2021.

Learners across 20 schools, from the Sol Plaatje municipal area, recently travelled to Soetwater Environmental Education Camp near Kommetjie, Cape Town, as part of a leadership development programme.

The youth, aged between 14-16 years are members of a local Youth Leadership Camp, travelled to the Cape, to a five-day camp that included personal development lessons based on a range of pertinent topics including Gender Based Violence; Toxic Masculinity, Personal Development; Climate Change and many more lessons, which were incorporated into fun and environ-centric activities.

Phenyo Mamapula, from Boresetse High School in Barkley West, highlighted the value of team work and mutual respect, learnt at the camp, saying, “Mutual encouragement, the value of team work and learning the significance of respect were some of the key take-away lessons from our camp.”

In addition to learning valuable skills, many of the learners, who have never been outside of the Kimberley area, had the fun of experiencing the joy of being at the sea/coast for the very first time.

“These camps are important for our youth because they support young people in the development of skills to deal with the pressure of adolescence. These programmes are intended to instill life skills needed to navigate the journey to adulthood. These interventions are focused on the non-academic development of youth,” explained Nomzamo Landingwe, Chief Community Operations Officer for Matla A Bokone Solar, which funded this extended trip, as part of its annual Life Skills Programme for Youth in the Sol Plaatjie area.

Matla A Bokone Solar, situated close to Kimberley, is in the process of implementing a comprehensive Life Skills Programme for Youth, as part of its Socio Economic Development Programme.

Speaking to media, Lappies Labauschagne, a facilitator at Soetwater Environmental Education Camp, said, “We make children aware of the planet earth and why it is important to look after the environment. Most people have lost touch with Mother Earth and with their spirituality, and that is where I believe most of our problems begin. These teachings are then translated into everyday life, enabling children to be respectful, accountable, considerate, and responsible human beings.”

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